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Our concept is primarily intended for nursing homes, hospitals, residential services, nursing homes ...

In fact, the process of validation and decision belongs to a college around a director.

The college is often composed of :

  • Director of the house

  • Quality Manager

  • Occupational therapist, physiotherapist…

  • Psychologist

  • Hairdresser or nurse

  • Maintenance Manager


You are Director

You are Quality Manager

As such, you are concerned about the well-being of your residents.

The well-being of residents depends largely on the level of self-esteem, which in part depends on comfort and caring.

Our concept offering these virtues, in particular an environment of optimum comfort and safety, adhering to our values will give your institution an added value.

You are Psychologist

Know that our philosophy of helping people, in potential or real situations of exclusion, to rehabilitate their image is not a therapeutic gadget, but rather the fundamental step in a process towards social participation.

You will be assured that the validation of the standards of our products has been conducted with APAVE.


In fact, all our products are accompanied by their EC declaration of conformity


Product covered by article R.4311-4 of the Labour Code: "Machines".

In accordance with the technical rules for the design and construction of machinery provided for in Article R.4312-1, applicable to all types of machinery defined in Annex I of Book III Title I of Part 4 of the Labour Code.


→ fulfils all the relevant obligations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

→ complies with all the relevant provisions of the annex at the end of Title I of Book III, Book III, Part IV of the Labour Code,

→ meets the ISO 14738 standard according to the anthropometric requirements for the design of workstations on machines

Please note that our products offer optimum comfort.

For the hairdresser and the caregiver:

Fight against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), we rely on the ISO 14738 standard and the model below:


Occupational Therapist - Physiotherapist

ScreenHunter 555.jpg
ScreenHunter 555.jpg

drooping shoulders

back straight

ScreenHunter 555.jpg

hands near the trunk

ScreenHunter 555.jpg

Abdominal support

ScreenHunter 555.jpg
ScreenHunter 555.jpg

One foot forward for better stability

ScreenHunter 556.jpg
ScreenHunter 556.jpg
ScreenHunter 556.jpg
ScreenHunter 556.jpg



ScreenHunter 556.jpg




In general, our furniture is designed to avoid any load carrying.

ScreenHunter 51.png

For the client: for the position, we rely on medical recommendations regarding the measures to reduce the duration of pressure in sitting positions below:

ScreenHunter 44.png
ScreenHunter 555.jpg

We sit the person

ScreenHunter 555.jpg

The ferry is brought to the neck

ScreenHunter 555.jpg

One inclines to 127 degree


Generally speaking, all the technical aids we offer allow the customer to tilt to 127° (the so-called "Zero Gravity" position), which is given as the most comfortable position.

The occipito-cervical support, while respecting the physio-pathological position of the neck, is stabilized from the sitting position, which has the effect of protecting the cervical joints.

You are Hairdresser or a nurse

You are probably concerned about everything that has been mentioned above.

Also, let us not forget the comfort of work that will be yours and, of course, the reduction in MSDs.

You are in charge of maintenance

We provide installation and operating instructions.

Our products are mobile and designed for easy installation: there is no point of fixing to the ground.

Our equipment is designed to resist over time.

Extremely easy to maintain, all the parts used are standard and therefore easy to find in the retail trade.

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