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The architecture of the hairdressing salon

Why is the architecture of a salon important ?



We must break the codes of a standard hairdresser because totally inadequate to people with a lack of mobility.

The key lies in optimizing the movement of people in order to:

- Remove external aid

- Limit transfers,

- Eradicate the risk of shock and fall, taking into account the peculiarities of the space dedicated to hairdressing.

Moreover, we make sure that the hairdresser always has an overview, preserve the privacy and allow an exchange between customers when they want.


Our vision of the hairdressing salon:


  • Ergonomic and non-stigmatizing

  • Easy installation

  • Fluid movement

  • Easy maintenance

  • Sustainable furniture

  • Cost containment

  • Energy saving






















You are cordially invited to share your projects.

Our design office accompanies you in the layout of your living room taking into account your desires and your needs. Our solution is able to guarantee access to all hairdressing services whatever the degree of autonomy or dependence, through a level of comfort and optimum security, both for your residents and for the service provider.

We offer easy installation material requiring no passage in the ground (plumbing or electricity).

Moreover, through the choice of our components, we propose a solution that aims to limit the environmental impact accessible to everyone.


accessible to everyone

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Fluidity, comfort and serenity

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